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In 1849, Captain George Thomson, who emigrated from Berwick Upon Tweed, England, was awarded the position of lighthouse keeper of the Burlington Canal Lighthouse in Hamilton, Ontario.  For 29 years, Captain Thomson recorded his weather observations in a diary, which were so meticulous that they are considered the official records for weather during that time.

Today, the lighthouse still stands where it was originally built, at the entrance of the Hamilton Harbour, and can be viewed in the video here.

Writing home from the front in 1916, Major George J. Thomson continued to be involved in all aspects of his fledgling Canadian industrial distribution business including the decision to hire a third employee.

The Major considered himself fortunate to have survived the Great War that saw so many of his comrades perish. Arriving back home in Hamilton, Ontario from overseas, he immediately involved himself in company affairs and expansion plans.

By 1936, George together with partner Earl Gordon, had steered their Company into manufacturing and distribution of a variety of products focussed mostly on stationary and Marine Engineers. The company supplied braided and sheet packings (which were manufactured on the premises) as well as tools, valves, piping and fittings, boiler supplies, nuts and bolts, and essentially everything the engineers needed to keep their steam plants alive. Son George J.V. Thomson had been a commercial photographer and architect but dropped these pursuits to come into the business. His interests moved business growth toward the addition of general Mill Supplies including items for plant maintenance people. Air compressors, paint, pressure and temperature gauges, and roadside lanterns were added.

The Major's Grandson and third generation owner George A. (Sandy) Thomson had been trained as a pilot and Mechanical engineer. He entered the business as sales Manager in 1965 and was responsible for the development of the Thordon bearing. He started exporting in 1967 and travelled the world, setting up distribution selling the basic shapes from which to make Thordon bearings. Gradually, the distributed products were dropped and focus shifted to bearings and seals for marine and industry.

Sandy won the prestigious Elmer A. Sperry award in 2019 for advancing the art of transportation in recognition of leading the innovation for water-lubricated main propulsion shaft bearings for marine transport through the application of polymeric compounds. Sandy’s pioneering work in eliminating a major cause of ocean pollution – oil leaked from conventional oil lubricated tailshafts – has prevented millions of litres of oil leaking into the sea and rivers, protecting marine ecology.

In 2005, Sandy’s step-daughter Anna Galoni entered the business to become the fourth generation owner. Anna, born in Poland had previously held a position as a scientist in the medical services business.

George J. Thomson's word was his bond and from his earliest days a handshake was a contract. Through all the product innovations and business liaisons that have made Thomson-Gordon Group products respected in Marine, Hydro Power and industrial circles, one thing hasn't changed; positive and strong working relationships with customers, distributors, agents and employees as well as with suppliers. They form the cornerstone of every major endeavour, through each business transition.