"The world is not ever going to get any bigger."

G. A. Thomson

The environment as a whole lot is a lot more important to us at Thomson-Gordon Group than we can ever cover in a short statement. In fact, it forms the basis for many of our business decisions. 

We refuse, for example, to sell shaft bearings for ships if they are going to be lubricated with oil because we know the oil will leak into the sea. In doing so we consciously close the door on a vast existing market. As a result we:

    •  All of our bearings are designed to operate with no oil or grease.

    •  We do everything possible to recycle all discarded materials.

    •  Minimizing environmental damage with every capital equipment purchase.

The owners of Thomson-Gordon Group believe that we all can and should play whatever role we can in protecting our environment.

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Thomson-Gordon Group Accessible Customer Service Plan / Feedback

The Thomson-Gordon Group Accessible Customer Service Plan is available upon request by emailing laurar@thomson-gordon.com

Customers who wish to provide feedback on the way Thomson-Gordon Group provides goods and services to people with disabilities can email to laurar@thomson-gordon.com